Wow look at that display of pack loyalty. She’s such an awesome character, how could you not like her?

But seriously, how could anyone like this character? Is her rudeness supposed to be cute and awesome? She is blatantly disrespectful. This whole “Oh I’m just getting trying to get accustomed to human life” excuse is just dumb. She’s able to be in a romantic relationship, deal with severe life and death situations, go to regular high school and be in a math class with genius Lydia Martin but they still use the excuse of “she’s not use to this”? She is this rude and doesn’t know even know that Abraham Lincoln is the president that said the Gettysburg Address but she can do all that other stuff.

Then there’s this force feeding of Stalia. The whole marker/yarn parallel was the most forced and unnecessary parallel I have ever seen on any show and that’s saying a lot because I watch a lot of shows. Did they think that by putting her with one of the most loved characters we would love her as well? The whole “this is progress” line that Stiles keeps repeating is getting really old. I have never had this much character hate but this is just getting ridiculous. I hope that at the end of this season she becomes loyal to Peter so that I don’t have to see her be the worst “member” of the McCall pack I’ve ever seen. If she was a villain her rudeness wouldn’t bother me.

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narutos idea of what a hot woman is


narutos idea of what a hot guy(s) is


it’s like with girls he had no idea so he imagined a girl version of himself and went with it but with guys he had so many ideas he just couldn’t pick the best one so he went with all of them and… I’m not saying he’s 100% gay but he certainly is not 100% straight either

Plus he said he practiced the male version of the sexy jutsu more than he did with the rasengan